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CUCCIO oversees the annual Canadian Higher Education Information Technology Conference, known as CANHEIT. With a focus on IT issues of interest to Canadian universities and colleges, CANHEIT brings together staff, managers and senior administrators who are responsible for the management and evolution of their campus information systems, learning systems and digital infrastructure. CANHEIT is an open conference and anyone is welcome to attend. Attendees are not required to be a member of CUCCIO.

As the only national conference for IT professionals in higher education in Canada, CANHEIT brings together IT staff from universities and colleges across Canada each year to share ideas, showcase best practices and learn from each other.

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Attendance at CANHEIT is open to IT professionals in higher education across Canada, whether or not their institution is a member of CUCCIO. For more information, please visit the CANHEIT website. Information about past CANHEIT conferences is available in our CANHEIT archive.